Latest Episodes

#006: Basement Clubbing

Jacob had to bleep words for the first time. Daniel regrets saying 'super easy math'. Both think of more cool things to code.

#005: The Time Tracking Extravaganza

Daniel needs code to tell him how he is feeling. Jacob is a ‘data guy’ and likes hoarding personal data. Both share some valuable tips and tricks for time tracking.

#004: Existential Crisis Simulator

Jacob pressed the ‘Make it live’ button. Daniel made a scary tool. Both discuss how they value time.

#003: Long live the shruggie

Daniel scored brownie points with his wife. Jacob lost everything (on his Kindle). Both don't know the difference between iOS’s Screentime and Downtime.

#002: What was that book?

Jacob has flashbacks of cold showers in university days. Daniel is preparing to run (or crawl) 29km. Both are worried about what Goodreads makes of their reading habits.