Dear listener, this podcast is currently on hiatus. It may or may not return someday 😉

Latest Episodes

#015: One Year Old

Daniel is burning down everything and will rise again from the ashes. Jacob fits everything on one page. Both discuss yearly theme follow-up.

#014: Yearly Themes

Jacob has a blank canvas. Daniel is rethinking his systems, again. Both had and/or did not have birthdays recently.

#013: The Automation Extravaganza Part One

Daniel triggers Siri way too much. Jacob goes all out dark mode. Both discuss the automations they have in place.

#012: Sometimes Life's Hard and You Just Gotta Do the Thing

Jacob pressed the big red emergency button. Daniel is on the verge of burnout. Both discuss ways of dealing with overwhelm.

#011: Non-fiction Spoilers

Daniel is focusing on results. Jacob broke some rules. Both discuss habits and the power of asking good questions.